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R/C DHC-2 Beaver
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  ELY, MN USFS Made To Order!

This is the FlyzoneTM DHC-2 Beaver, free shipping.

dhc-2 beaver   
Display Model (Non-Flyable):  $289
Receiver Ready:  $319
Fully Ready to Fly:  $419

Free Shipping


The Original Plane is the Flyzone Island Wings DHC-2 Beaver Rx-R 59.5" Wingspan.

Wolfland modifies this plane to make it resemble the USFS DHC-2 Beaver found in Ely, MN.

Assembly Required - 1 to 3 hrs.

If you are local you can request assembly for a small fee.


Construction: AeroCell foam

Wing: Two-piece with carbon fiber spars, hinged flaps

Aileron Control: Dual servo

Motor: Brushless

Electronic Speed Control: 40A

Servos: Four micro


Landing Gear: Conventional landing gear with 3.5" (89mm) tundra-style tires,

and floats with water rudders, steerable 1" (25.4mm) tailwheel

Stabilizer: Carbon fiber reinforced

Propeller: Plastic construction, 12x6

Spinner: 1.8" (45mm) diameter plastic with chrome finish

Battery Hatch: Easy access on bottom of fuselage


Rx-R (Receiver Ready) Island Wings DHC-2 Beaver Bush Plane with Brushless Motor,

40A ESC, Floats with Water Rudders, Wheels, Micro Servos,

Navigation & Landing Lights and Instruction Manual


If you decide to fly this plane:


Receiver Ready Means a Radio / Receiver needed: 6ch radio and receiver is required

Battery: LiPo 11.1V, at least 1800mAh

Battery Charger: LiPo compatible

LiPO charge bag, tools and field equipment



Length: 38.5" (980mm)

Wingspan: 59.5" (1510mm)

Weight: 48-52 oz (1360-1470 g)

Center of Gravity: 2" and 2.50" (51mm and 64mm) back from leading

edge of bottom of wing


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