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Dumas DH-C2 Beaver Flying Model - 18" Wingspan
$29.00 Free Shipping with order of 2 or more items.

This is a Walnut scale, Rubber-Powered, DH-C2 Beaver Airplane Model from Dumas.
For Beginners Learning How to Build & Fly or the Advanced Modeler.
Stick and Tissue construction, many small sticks glued together to form the airplane and then covered with tissue paper
Over 80 laser-cut parts and hand selected balsa
Lightweight white tissue paper covering
Full size plan and step-by-step instructions
Plastic propeller
FAI Tan II Contest Rubber Bands
Full size plans, step-by-step instructions, balsa sticks, laser-cut
balsa sheets, plastic propeller, float gear, tissue paper, rubber bands and clear plastic for windshield
Hobby knife, razor blade, scissors, plan protector, needle nose pliers/wire cutters, CA glue, sandpaper, white glue or 1/8" paint brush
Dumas DH-C2 Beaver Flying Model - 30" Wingspan
dumas beaver
$39.00 Free Shipping with order of 2 or more items.
This is a Rubber-Powered, DH C2 Beaver Flying Model.
For Beginners Learning How To Build & Fly Or The Advanced Modeler.
"Stick and Tissue" Construction (Many Small Sticks Glued Together To Form The Airplane and Then The Frame Is Covered With Tissue Paper).
Over 80 Lazer-Cut Parts and Hand Selected Balsa. Light-Weight Yellow Tissue Paper Covering.
Color Peel-And-Stick Decal Set. Full Size Plan and Step-By-Step Instructions.
Plastic Propeller, Tailwheel and 2-Two-Piece Wheels. Vacuum-Formed Cowling and Clear Plastic Windshield Sheet.
F.A.I. Tan II Contest Rubber Bands. Un-Bent Landing Gear Wire and Pre-Hooked Propeller Shaft.
Full Size Plans, Step-By-Step Instructions, Balsa Sticks, Lazer-Cut Balsa Sheets, Vacuum-Formed Cowling, Plastic Propeller and
Wheels, Wire Propeller Shaft & Landing Gear, Tissue Paper, Decals and Windshield.
Hobby Knife, Razor Blade, Canopy Scissors, Plan Protector, Needle Nose Pliers/Wire Cutters, CA Glue, Paint For Cowling(Like Testors),
Sandpaper, White Glue To Attach Covering, 1/8" Brush, Nitrate Dope,
Wingspan: 30"
Length: 19-1/4"
Height: 7-1/8"
Guillow's DH-C2 Beaver Flying Model - 24" Wingspan

$29.00 Free Shipping with 2 or more items.
An authentic scale model of the single engine propeller driven STOL aircraft, the DHC-2 Beaver was primarily known as a bush plane.  It is used for cargo and passenger hauling in the rugged and remote areas of the world.  This Guillow creation is a faithful replica of the real plane, designed for ease of assembly and flight stability.  A beautiful model of an exceptionally fine light plane.
Wing Span: 24"
Scale: 1/24
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