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  3D Printed Ship Art
GMLS Mk-10, Mk-11, Mk-13 and Mk-26 Pages.
A hobby knife and spray paint will be required.  Sandpaper may be required.
Kits will come in various colors.

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Terrier, Belknap and Leahy Class
1/96 Scale, 8.75" Wide and 7" Tall
$54 for the Kit, Free Shipping
$74 for the Finished Product
Please Specify Hull Number and Exact Printed Name
Kit or Finished
Hull Number and Printed Name
3d ship art
3d ship art uss horne
3d art
uss horne
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FMC Corporation, United Defense, and BAE Systems are product names,
logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names
used in this product are for identification purposes only.  These toys are historical military models.
USS Horne - Belknap model modified by Wolfland from Christopher Rinard under CC license, thank you.