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  Mk-10 Guided Missile Launching System Model Kit
Mk-11, Mk-13, ASROC (Mk-16), Mk-26, Mk-41 VLS and Mk-42 Pages.
A hobby knife is required.  Model printed in gray.  Spray painting optional.

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Mk-10 Guided Missile Launching System (GMLS)
3D Printed Static Model Kit, 1/22 Scale
Missiles are included with all options.
Free Shipping
Launcher with Missiles $59
With Deck and Dud Jets $79
With Bulkhead, Deck, Dud Jets and Personalized Ship Label $99

Please Enter Your Ship Name
This kit is easy to assemble.
CA Glue with activator works great to assemble the parts.
Model is spray painted in concrete gray (optional).
The missiles are white for real missiles or you can paint blue for the GMTR's.
Update:  I will print in gray so painting the launcher is now an option.
mk10  mk10
Bulkhead and Deck with Dud Jets     |       Unassembled Kit (Update:  fins are now a part of the missile cylinder.)
Includes Ship Label
Refer to online pictures of the Mk-10 GMLS for placement of parts.
  A hobby knife is required and paint is optional.
Attaching the ladder rungs will be a little bit of a challenge aligning them correctly.
Assemble one guide arm on the guide arm support cylinder, slide the cylinder through the launcher block, and then attach the other guide arm to the support cylinder being careful to align the guide arms in parallel.
You can use electrical tape to simulate missile stripes.
The missile slides into the booster up to the missile fins.
The launcher can be trained and elevated to your preference for display,
therefore don't glue the block to the stand or the guide arm cylinder to the block.

Mk-10 GMLS 1/22 Scale Fire and Smoke Plume
 Add this to make your kit cooler!  $15.00
Mk-10 GMLS 1/44 Scale Kit
Launcher with Missiles  $35
Launcher with Deck and Bulkhead  $54
 Free Shipping

Please Enter Your Ship Name
    mk10  mk10
mk10  mk10
Easy assembly.
The missile is one complete assembly, no assembly required.
CA glue with activator, paint and a hobby knife are needed.
Mk-10 GMLS 1/72 Scale Kit

Launcher with Missiles, Deck and Bulkhead  $39
 Free Shipping
Mk-11 GMLS     |    
Mk-13 GMLS    |     Mk-26 GMLS
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