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  Mk-16 (Mk-122) ASROC Model Kit
Mk-10, Mk-11, Mk-13Mk-26, Mk-41 VLS and Mk-42 Pages.
A hobby knife is required.  Model printed in gray.  Spray painting optional.

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Mk-16 (Mk-122) ASROC Launcher
3D Printed Static Model Kit, 1/22 Scale
Launching ASROC is included.
Free Shipping
Launcher with ASROC $94
Measures 8" L x 6" W x 6.5" H without length of rocket and plume.

Photographed with other objects to show scale.
This kit is easy to assemble.
CA Glue with activator works great to assemble the parts.

 There is no particular order to the assy.
Verify all parts fit together either square or flush,  You'll have to trim the edges of square parts or make round parts fit flush.
3D printing is slightly different the molded parts so there will be some squaring and trimming necessary.
CA Glue with activator or super glue works great to assemble the parts.

Depending on the brand of the CA glue, sometimes parts will bond together almost instantly
with no time to align and sometimes it takes activator to get them to bond faster.

If necessary, refer to online pictures of the ASROC launcher for placement of parts.
A hobby knife is required and sanding/priming/painting is optional.

Remove the temporary 3d printing supports from the bottom of the launcher.
Glue the tops on each of the canisters.
Glue the bottom and top canisters together in pairs, each pair can manually elevate on the shaft.

On the support shaft, the thicker spacer goes in the middle.
The thinner spacers go on the each side of the adjacent canister.

The shaft end plates are glued on at angles according to asroc starboard and port pictures.
You will have to paint the bird to its specifications for realism.
You will also have to paint the exhaust to whatever looks as real as you want it to.
The bird and special front cover is designed to launch from a top canister.  I only did the outside top for my model.
I didn’t test the inner top canisters but it should work fine if you don’t want to launch from the outside canister.

The special front cover for the canister. is modified for fitting in the flame.
Just glue the flame to the inside of the hole.  Then glue the bird to the top of the flame aligning it straight.

The rear flame is glued to the rear circular cover almost covering it entirely.

The launcher trains and elevates manually.  However, it’s not a big deal if you glue
the base to the bottom of the launcher.  The deck lock is a stand alone item.
Mk-16 ASROC 1/45 Scale
$45.00 Free Shipping
Measures 4" L x 3" W x 3.25" H without rocket and plume.

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