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10 am - 4 pm Daily
Computer Emergency:
218-349-8650 (cell)


Wolfland Computers and Hobby

Remote Support

Computer Repair +.
Call Us 218-365-7500 or email.
teamviewer remote support
Remote Support
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Data Recovery
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Website Design
Wolfland Can Fix Your Computer without bringing it to the shop in some cases.

Wolfland is a licensed Teamviewer software company allowing us remote access to your desktop or laptop, Windows or Mac,
fixing the most common issues such as speed and viruses.

Minimum charge is $66.00

Click here TEAMVIEWER, allow, yes, run, etc.
You will get a ID and Password.  Then call me between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. CST.

If it's a computer emergency, you may call my cell phone.
You also may email me to set up a time.
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