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 3d Lab Print Planes
Wolfland prints these planes for sale and purchases the drawings from 3dlabprint.com.
These planes are for someone who likes to assemble models.
In other words, it's not difficult but it's not easy either.
You need a little skill to assemble these planes.  3d printing is a good but imperfect process.  The issues result from imperfect drawings, software and 3d printing settings.  It is definitely a learning process to print these planes.

You may need to drill out holes and trim plastic with a hobby knife.  Aligning fuselage pieces before gluing with toothpicks is a great way to insure clean seam.

The 3dlabprint.com website has all the documentation needed to assemble these planes.  The wings print within the weight specification, the fuselage is heavier but is not necessarily a bad thing.  You will see when the plane arrives.  A little stronger fuselage is a good thing, just weighs a little more.

With that said these planes are awesome.  I am so excited to be able to offer these for sale at a reasonable price.  Prices range from $89-$139 depending on model type and print color.  For instance transparent is more expensive than a plain color.
Eventually I will put the prices here, just call me for now.  218-365-7500 or email info@wolfland.net.
As of 2/25/17 two planes have been sold and are in the process of construction and testing with experienced r/c flyers.  Three more have been ordered by customers and I'm in the process of printing them.  Each plane takes 70 - 90 hours to print and Wolfland owns two printers.

2/28/17  Working on ZIVKO EDGE HANNES ARCH REPLICA, found that taping the parts together and applying medium CA glue to the inside tacking very small sections of the fuselage parts together while lining them up, applying activator, then finishing the inside with medium CA glue along the whole line makes for a smoother seam.  Then with thin CA glue using gravity apply it at the outside start of the seam and let the glue follow the seam down to strengthen the bond of the parts while rotating the plane.  Then I just let the glue dry without applying activator.

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